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NYCOA nylon 6 and its copolymers have won wide acceptance for their use in monofilament applications due to their tensile strength, elongation, and viscosity. These resins come in a range of viscosities and can be tailored to improve processability in high-speed extrusion applications. NYCOA works with its customers to deliver materials with rheology that enhance processability and gives the optimum balance of mechanical properties for most monofilament applications.



A high-strength extrusion grade which offers superior abrasion resistance, ductility, and toughness. It has been successfully used in high-tension fishing line and high-strength commercial lawn and garden trimmer lines.

NYCOA 2061

This nylon copolymer features outstanding toughness and flexibility when compared to conventional nylon 6 grades. Typical applications include premium lawn and garden trimmer lines, industrial bristles (paint brushes), and premium fishing lines.

NYCOA 2237 

A nylon copolymer that exhibits excellent transparency. It was developed specifically for parts requiring transparency in thicknesses up to 5 mm, while retaining the properties and chemical resistance inherent in nylon 6. Extrusion applications for NYCOA 2237 include high-end transparent fishing lines, tubing, transparent sheets, and decorative films for sports and automotive uses.