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Tubing and Profile

NYCOA nylon 6 grades deliver exceptional melt strength, strong impact resistance, and a range of viscosities for rigid and flexible tubing for automotive and industrial applications. 


NYCOA 578 is a high-viscosity grade while NYCOA 589 is an ultra-high viscosity material that can produce tubing up to 1-in diameter depending on the length of the tubing. Meanwhile, NYCOA 2237 is a stiffer grade that offers enhanced transparency for see-through tubing.

For flexible tubing, NYCOA 1595HS and NYCOA 2084HS offer greater impact strength and lower flexural modulus for applications such as automotive windshield washer tubing and industrial tubing. 

NYOCA 2076 and NYCOA 2716 are ultra-flexible grades that are can be used as low cost alternatives to more expensive polyether block type elastomers. These grades have excellent low temperature flexibility and are used to manufacture profiles that require very small bend radii.