roto molding tank image

Rotational Molding Technologies

NYCOA’s Roto-Nylon grades provide greater chemical resistance and heat resistance versus competitive materials like polyethylene (PE) in rotomolded hydraulic tanks used on farm and off-road equipment. 


NYCOA’s Roto-Nylon grades are also used in lower permeation fuel tanks. Nylon materials exhibit just one-fifth the fuel permeation of PE and are resistant to engine fluids, greases, and oils, making them suitable for fuel storage tanks on small engine and off-road equipment.

NYCOA’s Roto-Nylon grades can be used in monolayer construction or dual layer for PEX and PE.

NYCOA 1700 is a highly specialized grade which is targeted for applications that require secondary operations such as decorative painting and labeling. It exhibits less hazing and delivers improved part aesthetics.

NYCOA 1702 is a high-flow and high-impact grade which has an ARM drop impact of over 100 ft lb. This grade offer the fastest cycle times of any nylon 6 rotomolding grade available in the market today.

Both 1700 and 1702 offer comparable fuel permeation and high-temperature resistance. NYCOA’s rotomolding grades are RoHS compliant and meet the California Proposition 65 standards.