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Nylon 6 & Copolymers

Under the NYCOA product family, several premium nylon 6 based products are available for a wide range of applications. NYCOA’s unique and versatile manufacturing lines, enables the production of these highly engineered specialty Nylon resins.

NYCOA also offers Nylon resins which are in-situ modified with inorganic additives such as Nano-clay particles and micronized silica particles.

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Nylon 612, Nylon 610

Nylon 610 and 612 grades are long-chain polyamides that deliver significant performance improvements and a unique balance of properties compared to short-chain materials such as nylon 6 and 66.

These high-performance products are suitable for a wide range of processes including injection, extrusion, blow molding, and rotomolding.

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Nylon Elastomers

NYCOA’s elastomeric line includes random copolymer alloys and polyether block copolymers.  These grades provide super flexibility and high-impact toughness in rubber replacement applications.

NYCOA’s Polyether -block -amide (PEBA) Copolymers are true elastomeric grades that are based on polyamide (PA) hard segment and polyether soft segment.