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Elastomeric Grades

NYCOA’s elastomeric line includes random copolymer alloys and polyether block copolymers.  These grades provide super flexibility and high-impact toughness in rubber replacement applications.


Random copolymers and alloys

NYCOA 2076, 2176, 2246, and 2011 grades are designed for superior flexibility and toughness at a significant cost advantage versus typical standard block copolymers. They also provide superior temperature stability and flexural modulus as low as 20,000 psi. NYCOA random copolymers are suited for processing via injection molding and extrusion. Targeted applications include rubber, mandrels for rubber hose construction, hook and loop fasteners, and multi/monolayer tubing (paint spray hose, air brake, and pneumatic tubing).

Block copolymers with polyether

Polyether -block -amide (PEBA) Copolymers are true elastomeric grades that are based on polyamide (PA) hard segment and polyether soft segment. They deliver excellent recovery and shock-absorbing properties. NYCOA offers PEBA grades in a range of hardness values from 45-80 Shore D. Custom modification can provide improved heat and UV resistance, along with higher plasticizer levels for increased flexibility.

These elastomeric grades are used in sports and leisure, athletic shoes, ski boot components, and technical films.