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Nylon 612, Nylon 610

Nylon 610 and 612 grades are long-chain polyamides that deliver significant performance improvements and a unique balance of properties compared to short-chain materials such as nylon 6 and 66.

These products offer better dimensional stability, lower moisture absorption, and renewable content up to 40% dependent on the grade. These high-performance products are suitable for a wide range of processes including injection, extrusion, blow molding, and rotomolding.


The family of nylon 610 and nylon 612 materials includes:

Monofilament grades 

These unfilled grades are available in three viscosities and are suitable for direct food-contact applications.

Tubing and profile grades

Nylon 610 and 612 materials offer improved resistance to ZnCl2 (zinc chloride) and are targeted for complex extruded parts such as automotive fuel lines, brake lines, air brake tubing, and pneumatic lines.

Reinforced grades 

Glass-filled grades (15%-50%) target metal replacement and structural injection molding uses. They provide superior elongation and dimensional stability and lower moisture retention compared to nylon 6 and 66. Targeted applications include auto fuel line connectors and structural components.