Wire & Cable

NYCOA 1637 IS USED BY THE Wire and Cable Industry for protective jacketing in THHN, THWN, MC, NM Construction in both residential and commercial wire MFG.

These materials possess an excellent balance of mechanical properties including stiffness, impact strength, and toughness.

In addition, the nylon material offers exceptional chemical resistance to oils and gasoline, and provides outstanding performance in applications involving exposure to elevated temperatures. The nylon jacket is an asset when applied over PVC in building wire because it protects the insulation during conduit pull-through, and reduces the force needed to pull the wires through conduit.

NYCOA 1637, is recognized by Underwriters Laboratories, and therefore meet the most rigorous of requirements for protective jacketing. NYCOA nylons are also used in appliance wire and machine tool wire for oil and grease resistance, and in radiant heating cables for resistance to thermal degradation. In weather resistant form, 1637W is used as a general protective coating for many types of wire.

NYCOA 1637 can be processed at line speeds up to 6000ft/min, dependent on the size of the wire and extrusion equipment.