Specialty Engineered

NYCOA develops and manufactures some of the most unique nylon products available. Products that were previously made from metals or other more expensive engineering polymers have been successfully converted to NYCOA Nylon. Whether your goal is improved strength, chemical resistance, flexibility, or cost savings, with NYCOA as your partner, the possibilities are endless!

Product variations include, but are not limited to:


  • Low: Very fluid melt for high speed injection molding.
  • Medium: Moderate fluidity for monofilaments, less intricate molded parts requiring greater toughness.
  • High: Stiffer melt for tubing and similar extrusion applications.
  • Very High: Very stiff melt for blow film, blow molding, and profile extrusion.


Heat Stability:
For applications requiring increased thermal resistance to degradation. Available in any type.

Flame Retardant:
For applications requiring UL-94 compliance.

Weather Stability:
For outdoor applications to provide UV resistance. Available in both black and natural colors.

Custom Colors:
An extensive range of colors and color matching capability to match your requirements.

For applications that demand higher toughness and impact resistance.

Custom Blend:
For those that require something truly unique, our technical staff will be happy to discuss a special formulation.