3d printer filament image

Filament for 3-D Printing

NYCOA 567, NYCOA 2046, NYCOA 2246, NYCOA 2076, and NYCOA 2237

All highly suitable nylon 6 copolymers and alloys for 3-D printing filament application. They are easily extruded into monofilament for filament fed 3-D printers or ground into fine powders for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printers. Nylon grades are less brittle and stronger than PLA and ABS. The interlayer adhesion of nylon results in high quality homogeneous 3-D molded components comparable to injection molded nylon components. Hence, filaments made from NYCOA nylon grades are used to manufacture 3-D printed functional products with excellent chemical resistance and high-temperature capabilities.